Launch of the International research network RESET GMV [fr]

The launch of the RESET GMV International Research Network (IRN) will take place on 25 and 26 April in Djibouti. Co-sponsored by the IRD, this interdisciplinary network of French and foreign laboratories aims to provide a framework for mobilising sustainable land and territory management in the Great Green Wall (GGW) area.


Launch of the International research network RESET GMV : Science for the new vision of the Great Green Wall

Date : 25 and 26 april 2023
Where : Djibouti and on line

The Great Green Wall (GGW) is an ambitious African initiative aimed at sustainably reversing degradation of vital ecosystems, addressing climate crises and improving living conditions while preserving agro-ecosystems in 11 Sahara and Sahel countries. It covers 780 million hectares of arid and semi-arid land around the Sahara and is home to 232 million people.

The new GGW vision promotes the development of a mosaic of sustainable land use systems and diversified and resilient agropastoral production in the Sahel and Horn of Africa.

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted in the GGW countries, but only a small fraction of this expertise has resulted in publications that are useful for effective decision support for GGW implementation.

There is therefore an important need to bring together this interdisciplinary scientific knowledge and to make the African scientific community a major player in the territorial, national, and regional coalitions that are being built to accompany the new vision of the GGW initiative.

This will enable the emergence of new research strategies and effective decision support.

To achieve this goal, the French Institute for sustainable development (IRD) and its scientific partners in the South are launching the IRN Reset_GGW -Research, scientific expertise and knowledge for land and territories sustainable management in the GGW areas -, an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and international research network that aims to intelligently mobilize existing transdisciplinary expertise to support innovative implementation of the GGW.

This event will be hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Djibouti (MENSUR)

It will be hybrid and open to all actors of the GGW


To participate Please register.

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